Unraveling Atheism

Because God exists, every argument against the existence of God is flawed and can be unraveled.

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Atheism appears to be based on logic and reason.  But is it really just smoke and mirrors? How can a philosophy based on an impossibility (that God does not exist) be logical? How can a theory that rejects known facts (0 x 0 = 0) be reasonable?  The fact is, God DOES exist. Therefore any argument against the existence of God is inherently flawed and can be unraveled.
But how does an average layperson unravel the sophistry of atheism? Through the pages of this little book, you will be equipped with all you need to quench the burning missiles of atheism, and unravel its twisted logic.
You don’t have to be a scientist, a physicist, or a scholar. A sound mind is all you need to Unravel Atheism.

Available in ebook format. Get your copy today and unravel atheism tonight.

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